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Magnolia Residence Sibiu

Apartments are completely finished, with a choice of finished products from a range of products selected carefully for your comfort.

This investment heralds the foreseen development of the General Urban Plan of Sibiu, which shows that in the coming period in this area to develop collective housing, commercial spaces and related services necessary for the development of a new neighborhood in the western area of ​​the city.

The distance to the city center is within 5 minutes drive on a road rebuilt by the City Sibiu, which approved the construction of a viaduct over the railway station Turnişor of teaching in November, 2015.

Residential district MAGNOLIA RESIDENCE Sibiu is a real estate project newly developed its own resources by SC SOLID INVESTMENT SRL Sibiu, which in 2008 acquired the land in total area of ​​51,000 sqm., Located about Suri SMALL, near Turnisor district, where they are to build a total of 1,200 new apartments in GF + 2F + M + P + D or property 4E, D + P + 7E and commercial spaces.

The residential project has a new vision of establishing a deep quiet, airy green, playgrounds, parking individual private, commercial space especially designed for servicing future owners and to ensure purchasers comfort and convenience of living in the future development area planned Sibiu, under the new General Urban Plan approved in 2011.


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