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Limited Offer - Apartments tabulated in Magnolia Residence Sibiu

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Limited Offer - Apartments tabulated in Magnolia Residence Sibiu

Limited Offer - Apartments listed in Magnolia Residence Sibiu

   In the last 2-3 years it was very difficult to find an apartment in Sibiu, new construction, completed and tabulated, especially the apartment being in one of the main residential complexes in Sibiu.

  At this moment Magnolia Residence Sibiu comes with a limited offer, rarely encountered. The parallel construction of 6 buildings with a height regime of GF + 7E + R allowed the reservation of apartments with different terms of surrender, some even up to 12 months.
   The term of delivery of the apartments within the residential complex is:

    April 2019 - building R8
    August 2019 - building R9
    October 2019 - building R10
    December 2019 - building R5
    During 2020 - Buildings R1-R4

   There is a fairly large segment of buyers who prefer to buy apartments with a delivery term of more than 6 months, even 1 year. These are clients who prefer security and reserve an apartment as a whole, and until the completion of the apartment there is sufficient time to pay for the apartment, most of them having the service in another country.

   Another category of buyers are those who have for sale another building, and a longer period gives them the time needed to sell the building without stress. In this sense, the real estate group can help them through the partnership with the real estate agency from Sibiu Eurosib Imobiliare, which can advise them in order to evaluate and determine the sale price of the real estate they want to sell, including the sale intermediation.
    Limited offer of tabulated apartments

    Within the residential complex Magnolia Residence Sibiu there is at present a limited offer of apartments completed by turnkey and tabulated or in tabulation as follows:

    2-room apartment located on the ground floor in a 4-storey building, with balcony, completed with modern finishes.
    2-room apartment located on the middle floor in an 8-storey building, also finished with the key
    Apartments 2 and 3 rooms, being submitted with delivery March - April 2019. The advantage of these apartments is that you can choose the finishes by the buyers.

      To remember:

    The apartments are delivered fully finished, the price displayed on our site is for complete finishing and with 5% VAT included in the price of the apartment.
    The apartments can also be purchased through bank loans, First House or Mortgage, with the possibility of obtaining a credit simulation or even obtaining the credit directly at the sales office within the whole, through the Credit Broker from Sibiu Smart Credit Finance.
    Up to 10 years warranty offered by the manufacturer,
    For urgent contact call: 0745633772

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