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Tursib Route 19 connects Magnolia Residence with the center of Sibiu from February 2016

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Tursib Route 19 connects Magnolia Residence with the center of Sibiu from February 2016

Starting with February 2016, the local transport company from Sibiu - TURSIB, has set up new bus routes in Sibiu, with the destination of the new neighborhoods on the territory of Sibiu city. Among these routes is the route 19 which links the Magnolia Residence (Calea Surii Mici) to the center of Sibiu - Saguna str. (Prefecture), the area of ​​the old town hall.
             Thus, the residents of the Magnolia Residence complex will have easy access to the downtown area of ​​Sibiu, starting with the first hour of the morning. Thus, the first race departing from the Magnolia station is at 5.42, and the last race departing from the assembly to the city center at 23.07. From the central area of ​​the city (Sibiu Prefecture area) to Magnolia bus 19 has the first departure starting with 5.45 and the last departure to the Magnolia complex at 23.25 - starting from Saguna street.
             Basically, the residents of the MAGNOLIA RESIDENCE ensemble benefit from all the advantages of living in a new neighborhood, on the territory of Sibiu. Among the main advantages available to the Magnolia assembly over other residential projects built on the territories of the cities near Sibiu are:

    means of transport provided by TURSIB with a total of 29 round trips during the week, 16 round trips on the weekend. The first race to Magnolia at 5.45, and the last to Magnolia at 23.25
    connection to the sewage network of the city of Sibiu
    fiber optic connection to the tv / internet network
    shop within the whole
    playgrounds arranged within the ensemble
    paved roads and sidewalks, landscaped alleys, landscaped green spaces,
    guarantees for apartments, etc.

               Magnolia Residence - is a real estate project of 1200 apartments, where until now 12 buildings of 3 floors and 5 buildings of 4 floors are equipped with lift and sold 334 apartments with 1.2 and 3 rooms. The stage of delivery of the apartments is to be completed completely turnkey and with guarantee. Magnolia Residence Sibiu can boast the best prices in the city of Sibiu, the prices being just below the price of the old apartments.

               Price list within Magnolia Residence:

    Studios for 20000 euros, see details here
    2-room apartments from 28,500 euros, see details here
    3 rooms apartments from 39000 euros, see details here.

   In support of clients, the developer has created on the website of the ensemble, a section where you can find the availability of updated apartments in real time, with the related plan, details of surfaces and the price afferent to that apartment. The availability of apartments can be accessed from the following link - availability of apartments Magnolia Residence Sibiu.
         Information about Magnolia Residence can be found here, information about the Tursib routes and the schedule of the races can be found on the transport company page

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