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The advantages of the First House loan 2019, the possibility of booking unfinished apartments

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The advantages of the First House loan 2019, the possibility of booking unfinished apartments

There comes a time in your life when you really want to move into your own home and the dream of moving to your home can no longer wait.

                    Even if you have not collected the amount necessary to purchase a home, bank credit is the best solution, in most cases the credit rate is lower than the rent. To help make your dream a reality in this article, we will present the advantages of the "First Home" loan in 2019.
              Advantages of the "First Home" loan

    Advance only 5% of the purchase price

    2% interest + ROBOR at 3 months

    Credit file analysis fee - zero

    Zero currency risk, the credit is granted in national currency, in lei

    Maximum term 30 years

                       The benefits of the "First House" credit do not end here. If you already have a "First House" credit, but you want a larger home, you can get a new "First House" credit if you sell your current home and fully repay the original credit.

                       This loan gives you the opportunity to buy through the program "First House", either a completed or a finished housing, which is in various phases of construction, intended for purchase after completion, by reserving a fund for a period of maximum 18 Monday, the beneficiary of the reservation benefiting from the reservation of the reserved amount until the completion of the building even if the amount allocated to the loan "First House" has been exhausted.

                     From 2019 it is possible to purchase multiple apartments with 5% VAT. So from this moment if you bought an apartment with 5% VAT, this does not prevent you from buying another one.

                 Magnolia Residence Sibiu accepts the purchase of apartments and through the "First House", including the basic reservation, the price being the same for any type of purchase. In order to obtain the credit, we set up a credit bureau in partnership with SMART CREDIT FINANCE - BROKER DE CREDITE, in within the sales office of Magnolia Residence Sibiu.

                At the credit bureau, customers will be able to directly benefit from the assistance package for the loan, obtaining the best credit offer, the advantages and disadvantages of each credit and including the preparation of the credit file without having to go to the bank.
                  We remind you the prices of the apartments within the complex:

    Apartments 2 rooms prices from 36500 euros - 39000 euros. Details about the 2-room apartments are here

    Apartments 3 rooms prices from 47,500 euros - 57000 euros. Details about the 3-room apartments are here

    Penthouse 3-room apartments - prices from 69500 ​​euros - 70,500 euros. Details about the 3 bedroom Penthouse apartments are here and here

                   Now you can check the availability of apartments online, we have 6 buildings in various phases of construction, even in the phase of tabulation. We have for sale at this moment over 350 apartments with 2 and 3 rooms, in buildings R 3,4,5,8,9,10.

      See the availability of the apartments here

                  The apartments within the Magnolia Residence Sibiu complex are delivered turnkey, with a guarantee of up to 10 years, with the possibility of choosing finishes by the buyers. The advance for the reservation of the apartments remains only 5%.

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