Welcome to the website www.magnoliaresidence.ro, a service offered free of charge by SOLID INVESTMENT S.R.L, Str. Calea Surii Mici, FN, block R6, ap. 73, Sibiu, Romania, company registered at the Trade Register Office near the Sibiu Court under no. J32 / 487/2008, fiscal identification code RO23554285.

The present General Terms and Conditions will be updated periodically, being the obligation of the users to check each updated version. The continued use of the Magnoliaresidence.ro website represents the full and unconditional acceptance of the updated version of the General Terms and Conditions.

Section 1: General information

1. Magnoliaresidence.ro is a site for promoting the residential complexes built by SOLID INVESTMENT S.R.L, ("developer") as a real estate developer and facilitating access to information regarding the availability and possibilities of purchasing a building in the respective residential complexes;

2. In order to use the functions of the site it is not necessary to create a user account.

3. The information presented on the Magnoliaresidence.ro website is informative, the exact conditions (including price) and the specifications of the buildings being established directly with the developer representatives.

4. Any communication with the representatives of the developer, carried out through the site, does not represent the conclusion of a contract between the parties and does not give rise to rights and obligations for the parties (eg apartment booking, s.a)

Section 2: Description of services

1. In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, Magnoliaresidence.ro provides a form by which the users of the site have the possibility to send information requests or request offers regarding the purchase of real estate (apartments, studios) owned by the developer. .

2. Magnoliaresidence.ro reserves the right to temporarily restrict the possibilities of sending requests and accessing announcements, if this is necessary due to capacity limits, in order to maintain the security and integrity of the servers or to implement technical measures and if it serves a correct and adequate execution, or improved, of the contractual services due (maintenance works).

3. After submitting an offer / request form, the user will be contacted by a representative of the developer, in order to confirm the receipt of the request and to establish the conditions for collaboration.

Section 3: Requirements regarding the content and aspect of the requests

1. The users who submit a request have the obligation to provide complete and correct information and to fill in all the available fields.

2. The request cannot violate the legal provisions or the good morals by formulation, content, visual presentation or the purpose pursued. It is forbidden to send discriminatory offers / requests / messages on the basis of race, nationality, language, religion, sex or sexual orientation, ethnicity, social category, beliefs, age, disabilities, chronic non-contagious diseases, HIV infection, belonging to a disadvantaged category or any other category. assimilable situations.

3. Generally, it is not allowed in a request to include links to external web pages or to other external sources of information. Links in this regard also refer to unactivated web pages (URLs) and parts thereof.

4. In addition, it is not allowed to include in the requests the so-called telephone line numbers (value added services), which, when called, result in higher telephone charges for the callers.

5. Requests with illegal, immoral, or unrelated content are not allowed.

6. Obscene words or any requests that could harm the interests or image of a natural / legal person are not allowed.

7. It is forbidden to use the email addresses from the pages of this site for sending SPAM.

8. Abuse of any kind with regard to the service offered is forbidden.

9. Requests that contradict the above will not be confirmed and will be deleted from the database accessible to the real estate agency / real estate developer.

Section 4: Disclaimer

1. The user frees Magnoliaresidence.ro from any claims of third parties against Magnoliaresidence.ro due to the violation of their rights by using the website Magnoliaresidence.ro by the user. By this, the user also assumes the obligation to bear the expenses necessary to defend the rights of Magnoliaresidence.ro, including any legal and legal fees. This rule does not apply if and to the extent that the user is not responsible for the violation of rights.

2. Magnoliaresidence.ro does not guarantee the availability of real estate on site and the accuracy and timeliness of the information presented (including the price