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Magnolia Residence Sibiu announces the sale of the last apartments in the 3-storey buildings

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Magnolia Residence Sibiu announces the sale of the last apartments in the 3-storey buildings

This month, December 2016, "Magnolia Residence" offers apartments for sale with 2 and 3 rooms in the last building of 3 floors, villa type. This building is part of the total of 12 buildings of 3 floors. The first 11 buildings are completed and sold, and the last building of this type is in the construction phase, at the stage of intabulation and interior finishes.

         The entire Magnolia Residence real estate project comprises 30 buildings with 3 floors, 4 floors and 8 floors, with a total of 1200 apartments + commercial spaces. So far, 11 buildings of 3 floors and 3 buildings of 4 floors have been completed; In the construction phase are: 1 building of 3 floors, 2 buildings of 4 floors and 2 buildings of 8 floors.

           The apartments in the 3 storey building were very successful for sale, especially the ground floor apartments that have a balcony and land for the apartment in the property.
The apartments available in Villa 1:
Ground floor

    Apartment 2 rooms + garden 24 sqm - price 31950 euro
    Apartment 2 rooms + garden 48 sqm - price 33,500 euros
    Apartment 3 rooms + garden 69 sqm - price 43950 euros
    Apartment 3 rooms + garden 80 sqm - price 44950 euros

Floor 1,2,3

    Apartment 2 rooms - price 28950 euros
    Apartment 3 rooms - price 41950 euros


                  The availability of the apartments can be checked online here.

                  The apartments are delivered completely finished with turnkey, with a guarantee of up to 10 years. The teaching deadline is in spring 2017.

                   From January, new funds are announced for the First House, through which an apartment with a minimum of 5% advance can be purchased. The new changes in the Prima Casa program are not yet announced. The acquisition of real estate can also be done by mortgages / real estate loans which at this moment and with advances from 15%.

                 We continue to offer free banking consultant.

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